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Sturgeon Learning Centre

"Both my kids have taken high school level courses through the Sturgeon Learning Centre, and we are happy that they did.  Over the past 4 years the kids have taken Phys. Ed 10, CALM Combo, Science 10, Social 20 and English 30.  This allowed my daughter to take courses over the summers so she could graduate a semester early.  It will do the same for my son which will allow him to complete his first year Registered Apprenticeship hours during Grade 12.  Each teacher the kids encountered was knowledgeable, helpful, and professional.  The Learning Centre allowed the kids to learn at their own pace and complete courses in a timelier manner than the 5 months in the classroom.  We recommend the Learning Centre as an alternate to in-class learning."


“Over the course of my time at the Learning Centre I have taken many courses to upgrade my schooling. While having to work through high school I wasn’t able to have a full schedule, but the Learning Centre made it possible for me to complete the courses I needed to further my education. All the teachers are very supportive going above and beyond to help you be as successful as possible. This made it possible for me to get the job I wanted and to be able to accomplish what I have so far. I owe a lot of my current successes to the opportunities the Learning Centre was able to provide me with."



As humans we ponder, "what is my purpose?", "what's even the point?", "this doesn't matter." The truth is we may never find the answers, except for what matters. A small thing we can all come to agree on is that the information we expose to ourselves matters, more than we will ever know in the moment. Reading a six word sentence, a kind voice of criticism, a grade; they all mean something beyond comparison to the soul, some of which will linger forever. Looking past the surface of 'bad hair days', what you're wearing, the judgment of peers, and the laughs at your mistake. Past all of this, we learn. Never judged or criticized we can come here, to this safe space- an actual haven. And openly educate ourselves for our future worth. Perhaps along the way we will find the answers, of what is our purpose, the point. But instead of being lost in the dark, we have guiding lights; our teachers. I know I can come here and learn, be guided, and be ready to guide myself for what is to come once I leave; "We all have wings, but some of us don't know why." - INXS

Nearing the end to the beginning of my journey, I can proudly say that because of this sanctuary and those who became my mentors;

"I know why."

- a.m.l

"Deciding to become a student at the SLC is a decision that allowed me the opportunity to learn and connect in a way that is comfortable and focused. With the help of my teachers, I was able to complete courses at a reasonable pace while fulfilling my academic needs and goals. The learning centre and its wonderful staff are continuous in their efforts to bring a positive energy into the academics of high school learning. Their attentiveness and care are immeasurable as they go above and beyond to help their students achieve success while keeping the student’s mental health a priority. My decision to attend SLC was swayed by the overall comfort of having a non-traditional block structured schedule, a program that was flexible and more personalized to my needs as a student. This option significantly reduced my anxiety and stress with assignment deadlines, asking teachers for assistance when I needed it, and especially when taking any exams. The atmosphere the SLC and its staff have created is one that is respectful and inclusive of all people who wish to further their academic progress. Being a part of the SLC community was an experience that changed my life, teaching me the importance of time management while also taking the time to tend my own well-being, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental, and importance of maintain mental health as a priority. I was given the opportunity to meet new people through several fun activities put on by the staff that included workshops that addressed several different topics, meals, occasional crafts, helping decorate the learning centre for different holidays, and themed events, even some that included the guardians of students. Overall, a great place to learn and grow as an individual as well as an academic."



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