Health & Safety

For students to perform at their optimum level, they have to feel safe. Acts of physical violence, intimidation, and harassment remove the ability of students to feel safe. 

If a student threatens another person or student(s) in a neighbouring school which (1) insults the student, (2) decreases a positive school climate and/or (3) results in damage to student, school, public or private property, then that person may be charged by the RCMP with willful damage or mischief and/or be suspended. Repeat or flagrant offenses may result in expulsion.

List of Emergency Contact and Support resources

Medical Conditions

It is our desire to ensure the safety of students in our care. Therefore we need key medical information about our students. If a student is receiving medication or medical treatment or has been diagnosed with a severe allergy or other illness that may impact him/her or others, it is essential that this information be shared in written form by parents and students with the school.  

Division Notice

Register for Transportation

Have you registered for transportation for the upcoming 2024/25 school year?