Student Relationships

  1. Completing Work and Academic Success: A course schedule is created by students and staff upon registration. It is crucial that this schedule is adhered to for student’s success. Students who have been inactive for 3 months will be withdrawn from the course and all materials must be returned. If materials are not returned a book charge will be accessed. If changes to the course schedule are required, students are to notify the Learning Centres. 
  2. Attendance: Although daily attendance is not required at the Learning Centres, it is important that as part of the planning and goal-setting process, attendance requirements are discussed and established. Failure to comply with attendance expectations may result in withdrawal from a course
  3. Resources: Students may sign out materials to take home, but the sign out periods should be as short as possible. All materials must be signed out and a book deposit paid before they leave the building. Replacement of lost or damaged materials is the student’s responsibility.
  4. Student Work: Although students are encouraged to work collaboratively, each student must complete their own assignments. Plagiarism is not acceptable and may lead to a range of responses from a failing grade to a recommendation of expulsion.
  5. Positive Working Climate: It is expected that while at the Centre, each student contribute to the positive working atmosphere of the Centre. Behaviour that detracts from this learning environment or prevents other students from completing their work is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. All students and staff have a right to a quiet instructional setting. Students are expected to remain at school, but; if they leave the building, they assume complete and sole responsibility for their safety while out of the school.  
  6. Alcohol: The use or possession of alcohol while under the school’s jurisdiction, will result in one or more of the following: transfer of the student to the custody of parents, suspension from school, expulsion from school, or involvement of law enforcement agencies.  
  7. Illegal Substances: Students found in possession of illegal substances will be brought to the School Division’s Discipline Committee with a recommendation of expulsion for a minimum of one semester. In addition, the student may be required to provide proof of external drug counseling before returning to the Learning Centre. In the event a student becomes a repeat offender, the student shall be permanently expelled from the Learning Centre. An administrator and/or teacher will contact the parents/guardians of students who appear to be under the influence of illegal substances while at school or school related functions. 
  8. Credits: All course work must be completed for the student to receive credit. Partial credit is not available. Marks, complete with credits are sent to Alberta Education at the completion of each semester. 
  9. Healthy Atmosphere: Sturgeon Public Schools provides a smoke-free environment in all of its schools.