Our Handbook

The School Handbook for Sturgeon Learning Centre and Morinville Learning Centre outlines information as it applies to Learning Centre Students, Sturgeon Public Schools and Alberta Education. It is expected that all students review the handbook before beginning course work at our centres.

Student Code of Conduct

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Code of Conduct policy created to ensure ALL students can learn in a safe, caring and respectful learning environment. By beginning course work at our centres, each student is agreeing to abide by this code of conduct. If you have concerns please come in and talk with our staff.

Shared Expectations

Students, staff and parents make learning happen at the Learning Centres.


  • we agree that school is the #1 priority for students.
  • we commit our energy and resources to our common goal - giving students the best possible education.
  • we recognize and support each other’s efforts and strive for improvement.
  • we are a team that makes good decisions that enable the Learning Centre to be the best school possible.

Expectations for Students

As a student at the Learning Centre,  

  • I will respect my peers and their rights to the highest quality education.
  • I will respect staff and all others who make up the Learning Centre community.
  • I will use appropriate language while at school or involved in school related activities.
  • I will be prepared for class, be on time with my assignments, and be an active learner.
  • I will do my part to look after the school building and property.
  • I will be a good citizen of the Learning Centre and the connected communities.

Expectations for Staff

As a staff member at Learning Centre,  

  • I will model the behaviour expected from students.
  • I will be positive.
  • I will continually strive to improve the educational processes that take place at the Learning Centre.
  • I will keep students and their parents informed as to student progress.
  • I will be committed to enabling students to achieve at as high a level as possible.
  • I will respect students as individuals.
  • I will consistently enforce policies adopted for our school.

Expectations for Parents

As a parent,

  • I will help ensure that students are punctual and attend regularly.
  • I will discuss and monitor students’ assignments and achievements.
  • I will work to overcome problems that could hinder student progress.
  • I will help students to make program choices and set career goals.
  • I will respond to communication from the school.